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Need a dynamic & engaging speaker for your upcoming event? Greg Walls is a keynote speaker and leading authority on finding total happiness.  He has discovered and discusses  bridging the gap between fitness trends & wellness fundamentals, including nutrition and proper supplements to assist in your push to that final percent of performance gain. He’s a regular speaker for Performance Experience.  Dedicated to making complete wellness a holistic practice and part of everyday life, Greg speaks about priorities, eliminating doubt, medication and excuses, and finding true success in sports performance and fitness.


The Fitness Mindset


Below are some of the regular topics Greg speaks about:

It Starts Between The Ears 

Well-Oiled Machine

The Man/Woman In the Mirror

There Is No Magic Pill

Bucket Full Of Excuses

The Necessity of Goals

Diet vs. Habit

It's a Supplement NOT a Replacement

The Time Machine

Are We Living Or Just Alive?

What Are You Waiting For?

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A Complete 11-Chapter Service Course For ALL Fitness Professionals, Certified Personal Instructors, Sports Performance Coaches, Club Coaches, and New Business Owners.  Join Co-Founder, Keynote Speaker and Master Trainer, Greg Walls, as he guides you through each chapter.  Use his tips and techniques to enhance your sports and recreation education, organically grow your client count, increase your referral and retention rate, as well as your closing rate percentage.